Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No More Drama

These are good times.
And bad times.
And complicated and confusing times.

Today, in the midst of creating new collaborative works for our upcoming Duets exhibition in DC, we received final details on what works would be required of us for an exciting Workhouse Arts Center show, Commerce I, which opens on June 30th.
We could have easily picked work from our already existing collaborations, but the request came on the same day that this article about the Workhouse's financial troubles was published in the Washington Post. The reported issues are very real and last week the center announced that the Performing Arts Program would be disbanded.
This has touched us on a personal level. The Studio 3 Theatre is not only our next door neighbor, its team are also our friends.

In true "Art Monkey" fashion, we decided to paint something on on the spot. We immediately began snapping photos of Studio 3 from our front gallery windows and went next door for additional reference shots. The painting, tongue-in-cheek-ly titled No More Drama (get it??) is still in progress. It will be a deconstructed/abstracted Workhouse portrait that not only documents this phase of the art center's history/development but also honors our dear friends, whom we'll miss terribly.

Studio 3 from Studio 4's front gallery

passage between Studios 3 and 4

Studio 3

in progress...


Monday, June 18, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

The Art Monkeys are preparing for Duets, an upcoming 8 week exhibit at the DC Center in Washington DC. The show will be comprised of collaborative works, many of which will be inspired or named after songs. The show will also feature a variety of styles, including narrative mixed media works and abstracts. Below is a sneak peek at one of the abstract pieces.
An Artist Talk & Reception will be held on July 21st. Stay tuned!

Ice Ice Baby
by The Art Monkeys
mixed media on canvas/36" x 36"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Freedom Reigns

Freedom Reigns
by The Art Monkeys
mixed media on canvas
36" x 36"
Available from our studio or the Art Monkey Etsy store.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Studio 4 Pride Show Podcast on QRadio

Click on here to listen in on last Saturday's fabulous opening reception.
Music by DJ Spence and interviews with The Art Monkeys & Lynn Goldstein of Studio 4.